Thai Son has 13 sewing lines and each sewing line has a line leader. They oversee the sewing of garments made with circular knit fabrics. We are thought of as a single jersey fabric company in Vietnam that takes quality control into our own hands. Quality control in apparel manufacturing can make or break a factory. Many buyers are clever and will bet that a factory can not manage quality. For example, they will write the contract such that if quality is not managed well then they get the defective goods below cost. In fact the goods are still sellable; their margins increase whereas the factory loses. This is why a factory needs focus on doing quality control in apparel manufacturing well.

Quality control starts with buying yarn that is contamination free and the correct specifications. We buy yarns: cotton, viscose, modal, polyester and spandex; from India, China, Korea, Thailand, and US. We expect our yarn suppliers to deliver yarn with the correct specifications and documentation to prove it.

Our knitting partners knit the yarn into fabrics namely: Single Jersey, French Terry, Pique, Diamond Pique, Rib 1x1, Rib 2x2, Rib 1x1, Rib 6x3, Waffle, Burn-out, Hot TR, imitation Fully Fashion Knit, Roma, Interlock, Fleece, Pique Jacquard, Knit Denim, and Jacquard. Knitters also have to maintain a clean knitting environment to reduce the amount of hair and foreign debris in the fabric. Quality control in apparel manufacturing is not just in the sewing factory. We are not just a single jersey fabric company in Vietnam. We are a sewing factory.
Our partners in Vietnam also do dyeing for us. We can do lab dibs in 5 to 7 days according to your pantone number. Dyeing has it’s own processes for quality control. The knowledge level of technicians and the quality of machines they use for chemical mixing and analysis determines the level of quality control in apparel manufacturing during the fabric dyeing steps.

In this video you see our quality control sections in Ho Chi Minh city with line leaders checking the trim cards and accessory cards to make sure everything is controlled well and the garments are made per your tech pack design.

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Remember that Thai Son only produces garments with knit fabric and has an MOQ of 2,000 pieces per color per style.

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If you are a beginner or just want to learn about manufacturing garments in Vietnam then we recommend this book which you can buy on Amazon for $US9.99 and read at your own pace.
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Quality is a relative term. It means customer needs is to be satisfied. Quality is of prime importance in any aspect of business. Customers demand and expect value for money. As producers of apparel there must be a constant endeavor to produce work of good quality. In previous article, I discuss about quality control system in garment industry. Now I will give a short description of Quality Control in Apparel Manufacturing Process.
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