Thai Son S. P supplies cotton knit fabric
Below is a list of fabrics we produce in Vietnam. We pride ourselves in being a reliable Cotton Knit Fabric Supplier in Vietnam. We can also source polyester if you need it. Generally speaking most factories in Vietnam buy their fabric from China. We buy yarn in advance and stock it in Vietnam. We buy combed cotton 30/1, viscose, polyester, modal and spandex. We can blend them into standard percentages as well as weights. Our knitting suppliers can knit single jersey, interlock, pique, french terry, rib and jacquard to name a few. We can source polyester fabrics if you need 100% polyester. It is still cheaper to buy finished polyester fabric compared to knitting it ourselves in Vietnam. If you need moisture wicking finishes then we can do that too. Tye Die - we can do it. Space dye, slub, melange, waffle or peach qualities - we can do it. We are a Cotton Knit Fabric Supplier in Vietnam and at this time we only produce fabrics for our customers who hire us to sew their garments. Below is a list with links to photos of the swatches. Please contact us with detailed questions about the fabric that you need.

Here is another cotton knit fabric supplier in Vietnam. Visit KTG Vietnam website to get more information. They make sweaters. You also can find cotton knit fabric supplier in Vietnam on Alibaba website.
Weights are in gsm, grams per meter squared. Visit this page to convert to oz/yd2

Width’s are in centimetres (cm), cuttable width/total width
No.Our CodeDescriptionsWidthWeight
1TS-PTV01Single Jersey Cotton 30s/spandex67/69"160
2TS-PTV02Single Jersey Cotton 40s/spandex67/69"160
3TS-PTV03Single Jersey Cotton 30s/spandex67/69"200
4TS-PTV05Single Jersey Viscose 40s/spandex65/67"180
5TS-PTV07Single Jersey Cotton/Viscose 30s65/67"140
6TS-PTV12ASingle Jersey 100%Cotton Slub65/67"170
7TS-PTV16Single Jersey 100%Cotton big stripe67/69"140
8TS-PTV24Single Jersey Cotton/Viscose big stripe53/55"140
9TS-PTV25Pique 100%Cotton big stripe55/57"165
10TS-PTV27French Terry CVC 60%Cotton 40%Polyester71/73"220
11TS-PTV28Single Jersey CVC 60%Cotton 40%Polyester71/73"160
12TS-PTV29ARib 1x1 50%Cotton 50%CVC Melange stripe57/59"190
13TS-PTV35Single Jersey Viscose/spandex stripe63/65"180
14TS-PTV37Single Jersey Viscose 40s/spandex63/65"160
15TS-PTV38ASingle Jersey Cotton/spandex inside brushed61/63"200
16TS-PTV43Rib 2x1 100%Cotton43/45"210
17TS-PTV46Single Jersey Cotton/spandex big stripes65/67"180
18TS-PTV50Pique 100%Cotton 71/73"180
19TS-PTV55ASingle Jersey Cotton/spandex big stripes63/65"160
20TS-PTV56Rib 1x1 CVC 60%Cotton 40%Polyester71/73"240
21TS-PTV61Single Jersey Cotton/spandex 69/71"180
22TS-PTV65Rib 1x1 100%Cotton67/69"140
23TS-PTV66Interlock 100%Cotton53/55"200
24TS-PTV67Single Jersey Cotton/spandex without enzyme73/75"200
25TS-PTV68Rib 1x1 100% Cotton Melange71/73"240
26TS-PTV69Single Jersey Cotton/spandex Melange71/73"160
27TS-PTV70French Terry TC 65%Polyester 35%Cotton73/75"280
28TS-PTV71French Terry TC 65%Polyester 35%Cotton Heather color73/75"280
29TS-PTV72Single Jersey 100%Viscose67/69"150
30TS-PTV73Single Jersey 65%Polyester 35%Rayon65/67"150
31TS-PTV74Single Jersey 60%Polyester 35%Rayon 5%spandex65/67"170
32TS-PTV75Single Jersey Cotton/spandex stripe65/67"160
33TS-PTV76Single Jersey Viscose/spandex 65/67"170
34TS-PTV77Single Jersey Cotton/spandex65/67"230
35TS-PTV78French Terry 100%Cotton stripe63/65"220
36TS-PTV79HOT TR 60%Polyester 35%Rayon 5%spandex59/61"185
37TS-PTV79AHOT TR 60%Polyester 35%Rayon 5%spandex stripe59/61"170
38TS-PTV79BHOT TR 60%Polyester 35%Rayon 5%spandex stripe59/61"170
39TS-PTV80Single Jersey 100%Cotton Peach71/73"185
40TS-PTV82Pique 65%Polyester 35%Cotton85/87"220
41TS-PTV83Single Jersey Viscose OE/spandex63/65"210
42TS-PTV84Single Jersey Viscose/spandex63/65"235
43TS-PTV84ASingle Jersey Viscose MVS/spandex63/65"170
44TS-PTV85ASingle Jersey 100%PE71/73"145
45TS-PTV86French Terry 65%Polyester 35%Cotton70/72"300
46TS-PTV87French Terry 100%Cotton 71/73"280
47TS-PTV88Single Jersey 100%Cotton stripe77/79"155
48TS-PTV89Single Jersey Cotton/PE77/79"165
49TS-PTV90Single Jersey Cotton/PE81/83"160
50TS-PTV91Fleece inside brushed 65%Polyester 35%Cotton67/69"340
51TS-PTV92French Terry 100%Cotton Melange stripe67/69"200
52TS-PTV92AFrench Terry 100%Cotton Melange stripe67/69"200
53TS-PTV93Single Jersey Cotton/spandex stripe65/67"170
54TS-PTV94AWaffle Cotton/Polyester+spandex57/59"180
55TS-PTV97Roma Viscose/Polyester/spandex63/65"315
56TS-PTV97ARoma Viscose/Polyester/spandex63/65"295
57TS-PTV98HOT TR solid 65%Polyester 35%Rayon63/65"185
58TS-PTV99Single Jersey PE Melange/Rayon/Spandex63/65"170
59TS-PTV99ASingle Jersey PE/Rayon/spandex stripe65/67"170
60TS-PTV100Single Jersey slideViscose/Polyester+spandex65/67"155
61TS-PTV101Rib 6x3 Polyester/Rayon Melange59/61"310
62TS-PTV102HOT TR stripe Polyester/Rayon59/61"180
63TS-PTV102AHOT TR stripe Polyester/Rayon59/61"180
64TS-PTV103Single Jersey Viscose/spandex stripe63/65"200
65TS-PTV104Single Jersey PE Melange/spandex65/67"170
66TS-PTV105Single Jersey 65%Polyester 35%Cotton63/65"170
67TS-PTV106HOT TR stripe Polyester/Rayon59/61"190

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Our vice director, Ms. Sim, will review your email if we can meet your needs. She needs tech packs and order quantities to quote price. Or, she needs to see your website and understand your business model.

Remember that Thai Son only produces garments with knit fabric and has an MOQ of 2,000 pieces per color per style.

Or, do you just want to learn more?

If you are a beginner or just want to learn about manufacturing garments in Vietnam then we recommend this book which you can buy on Amazon for $US9.99 and read at your own pace.
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