Thai Son S. P

Our story and introduction

Hi, my name is Sim and I am the vice director for Thai Son S. P sewing factory in Vietnam. This website is to showcase our products and to explain what we can do for you.

We are a family owned business that has been manufacturing ladies jersey fashion garments and sportswear for 30+ years.

Starting as a woven CMT factory in 1989, we switched ourselves from woven to cut and sew knitted garments (cut-knit or jersey) in 1996. 2003 marked our first full-packaged order. In 2011, we produced our first fabric lots of Viscose Spandex serving Polish customer – LPP.
Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory

Our History, MOQ, Fabrics and more...

As of 2019, we produce 50 tons of fabric monthly locally for our internal need and cut & sew about 250,000pcs of knitted garments.

With average age of 30 years old (born since 1970 to 1996), we consider ourselves as a young and experienced merchandising team to provide our customers with embellished/fashionable styles for men, women and children.

We equip ourselves with skills from developing, producing fabric, sourcing fabric and accessories to cut and sew them into knitted garments.

Besides the facilities and abilities to produce the casual and fashioned cut and sew knitted wear, we are also equipped with 50 flat lock machines in case you sportswear (Football, gym, yoga or cycling …)
Quality is one of our biggest strengths. Our basic quality standard is A.Q.L 2.5/4.0. We have done many orders with A.Q.L 1.5/2.5 or even A.Q.L 1.5/0.

Our regular MOQ is 1,000 pieces per style.
We are flexible on this matter because we understand that MOQ has to depend on the requirements of your business as well as the MOQ of yarn and fabric production.
If you order a collection of a few styles, we can make 500-1,000 pieces per style but we need your support to combine fabric together.

We can handle everything from fabric to packaging and quote you price in FOB, CIF or DDP terms.
Our customers consider Thai Son S.P as their reliable sewing factory in Vietnam.

Our Sewing Factory Services

Recycled Polyester
Fabric Knitting
Organic Cotton & Botanic Dye
Fabric Dyeing
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Sourcing Trims and Accessories
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Sewing and Packing
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Fabric Face Mask

Corona Face Mask Update July 11, 2020

Cotton Flu Mask from Vietnam

Since the corona pandemic broke out…

Our sewing factory in Vietnam started learning about cloth face mask design and technology. We have produced over 1,000,000 cloth face masks in Vietnam in 2020. We are standing by to receive your order of cloth face masks made in Vietnam. We are a sewing factory first and a cotton knit fabric supplier in Vietnam second. Are you looking for clothes or facemarks?

Face Mask Options

1 Layer, 2 Layer and 3 Layer Masks
Polyester, Cotton, Cotton/Polyester/Spandex Fabric
Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, Anti-UV or Water Repellent
Self Fabric or Elastic Ear Loops
With or without Adjusters
With or without Nose Bridge
Plain, Sublimation Print, Heat Transfer Logos or Screen-print
Test Reports done by Bureau Veritas and HeiQ
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Latest News: EVFTA Opens New Chapter in EU-Vietnam Trade Relations

The EVFTA is an ambitious pact providing almost 99% of elimination of custom duties between the EU and Vietnam. The EVFTA, at its core, aims to liberalize both tariff and non-tariff barriers for key imports on both sides & For Vietnam, the tariff elimination will benefit key export industries, especially for Vietnam Garment Industry. Increasing Vietnam’s export volume to the EU, the FTA will facilitate the expansion of these industries, both in terms of capital and increasing employment.

Both Vietnam and the EU have articulated a timeframe by which they have committed to liberalize all tariffs. Key among these commitments is a seven year timeline for Vietnam Garment Industry. As a large proportion of Vietnam’s exports to the EU are consumer goods like Clothing / Textile / Apparel, the FTA could significantly increase the trade volume.
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Consular transactions are no longer needed under the FTA while consular authentication will not be required three years the FTA is in effect.

Consular transactions are no longer needed under the FTA while consular authentication will not be required three years the FTA is in effect.


Since 2008 we started producing our own fabric. We import yarns from India, Korea and China: cotton, viscose, spandex, polyester and modal. Our partners in Saigon city knit and dye our fabrics before they are cut and sewn in our dress factory in Vietnam. This allows us to control price and quality as well as reduce our lead-time. We buy yarn in advance, finance it, inspect it and store it in a warehouse so that when your order comes in we can start knitting immediately. This helps us be the best dress factory in Vietnam that we can be.

We have 15 sewing lines and 2 sample lines. We have in-line QC and final QC that meet an AQL 1.5 standard. Our merchandising staff speak English well to facilitate clear communications and reduce any delays from misunderstandings. We have a design team as well to help with developing any new styles you place in our factory. Our dress factory in Vietnam is able to source trim and accessories to bring your designs to life and sell well in your stores. Contact us today and ask about our dress factory in Vietnam.