What is a garment tech pack?

A tech pack is also known as a specification sheet. Tech packs contain detailed information about your garment design like the size measurements, care label instructions, art-work placement, fabric specifications, packing instructions etc. Factories use your tech pack to quote price and make samples. Below is a list of 27 detailed questions that are answered in a complete tech pack.

I like to think of a tech pack as a contract between fashion designer and garment manufacturer. If you live in New York and are having your garments produced in Ho Chi Minh City, then you will need to communicate your design ideas over a language and culture divide. All the details of your garment need to be communicated, understood, discussed and brought to life by a team of people from a different culture who speak a different language. Tech packs facilitate this process by putting all the design details on paper in numbers and images to prevent misunderstandings. When problems happen you can easily know who was at fault by referencing the tech packs.

You have an idea in your mind. You need to communicate your idea to a Vietnamese merchandiser. The Vietnamese merchandiser can not read your mind. This is why you absolutely must write down your ideas in technical terms in a tech pack. Otherwise gross misunderstandings are guaranteed which wastes time and money.

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Garment Techpack in Vietnam

Why is it necessary to use a garment tech pack or spec sheet?

A good sewing factory will quote price quickly and make a sample quickly. To do this they need the detailed information that is in your tech pack. If the factory has to guess what the details are and they guess wrong then they are losing time and time is money. Factories like to work with fashion brands who know exactly what they want and can communicate it clearly one time so that the factory’s team can get the price quote and sample right the first time. A well done tech pack shows the factory that the designer knows what they want and gives the sewing factory confidence that there will not be any significant changes. Change is the enemy for both sides. Know what is a garment tech pack or spec sheet and use it to communicate all the details of your garment efficiently.
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27 Questions that a Tech Pack Answers

  1. What is the name of your brand?
  2. What is the designers name?
  3. What is the short description of the garment?
  4. What season does this garment belong to?
  5. What is the date this tech pack was created?
  6. What is the technical description of the main fabric?
  7. What is the style name?
  8. What is the style #?
  9. What is the size range?
  10. What is the sample size?
  11. Do you have an image for the sample fabric swatch that shows details like artwork, pattern or texture?
  12. Do you have a technical drawing (aka flat sketch?)
  13. Do you know the item name, item description, color, sku #, quantity and supplier name for every item in your bill of materials?
  14. Do you have pictures that show the details of each trim like, buttons, zippers, labels or patches?
  15. Do you have pictures that show the details of each accessory like hang-tags, poly-bags or carton boxes?
  16. Does your technical drawing call out all the special elements of your design like velcro strips, snaps, secret pockets or water proof seams?
  17. Does your construction diagram list the sewing operation, stitch type, stitch width, stitches per inch, seam orientation and seam allowance?
  18. Do you know the exact Pantone color code for every element of your design including fabric, lining, buttons, zippers and thread?
  19. Do you have the original artwork for any printing that needs to be done on the fabric, trims or accessories?
  20. Do you have all the correct wording for your main labels and care labels?
  21. Do you know the exact materials, dimensions and placements for all your main labels and care labels?
  22. What type of card-stock and print quality do you want for your hang-tags?
  23. What material and thickness do you want for your poly-bags? Do they have an adhesive strip?
  24. What are you folding instructions?
  25. Do you have the exact measurements for at least one size?
  26. Do you have the exact graded measurements for the full size range?
  27. Do you have an accurate technical drawing that shows where to take measurements from when doing quality control checks?
When a new customer comes to us and does not know what a tech pack is then we know their garment professional level. We know that we will have to teach, train and make many counter samples which will cost us time and money that the customer doesn’t want to pay for. This is why I always ask, “do you know what a garment tech pack or spec sheet is?”

If you don’t know and want to learn then please check out this resource: download garment tech pack or spec sheet. Check out our video of garment tech pack explanation or google “tech pack design services” and you will find many helpful web pages like below.
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Book: What is a garment tech pack?

A tech pack is a set of documents also known as a spec sheet. A tech pack includes information like:
1. Image of garment with measurement points
2. Fabric composition
3. Size chart and size ratio
4. Care Label dimensions, placement and text.
5. Print artwork etc

All the details of your garment need to be communicated clearly in order for a factory to quote price accurately.

Tech packs facilitate this process by putting all the design details on paper in numbers and images to prevent misunderstandings and easy know who was at fault when mistakes happen. Essentially a tech pack is like a contract for each garment.

What is a garment tech pack? A tech pack is an informative sheet that designers create to communicate with a manufacturer all the necessary components needed to construct a product. Typically designers will include measurements, materials, colors, trim, hardware, grading, labels, tags, etc. Any crucial aspect of your design needs to be described in your tech pack. The more detailed a tech pack is, the less room there is for error.

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