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Frequently Asked Questions About Apparel Manufacturers in Vietnam

Apparel Manufacturers in Vietnam

Apparel manufacturers in Vietnam are divided into various groups. First grouping is CM only vs. FOB. CM just provide labor to sew garments together. CM factories do not have the expertise to source fabric and buy trim and accessories at competitive prices not to mention manage all the communications between factory and suppliers. FOB apparel manufacturers in Vietnam source fabric, trim, accessories as well sew the garment together.

The next grouping is by fabric type. 99% of factories are either woven or knit factories. We only sew garments made with circular knit fabric like jersey, interlock, pique or french terry. Note that there are two groups of knit factories. Circular knit (light weight knits - aka cut and sew) vs sweater knit or flat knit factories.

Finally, apparel manufacturers are grouped by type of garments. Some are strong in cheap basics, some are good at high quality low quantity fashion styles, and some are good at sports wear or outerwear. The conclusion is that before you start sourcing apparel manufacturers in Vietnam you need to know what kind of factory you are looking for. Then more detailed questions as I address in the FAQ above can be considered.
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Hi, I am the marketing manager for Thai Son S.P. I am an American and speak English, German, Spanish and Vietnamese. My role is to listen to your story, understand your needs and figure out if Thai Son S.P is the right factory for you. I have been working for Thai Son S.P since 2008 and know what they can and can not do. After we talk, I will arrange for you to meet our vice director, Ms. Sim who is the decision maker in our organization.

If we are not a good fit for you then I can help you find what you need in Vietnam.


Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd. produces men’s, women’s and children’s garments using circular knitted fabrics. We buy yarn and convert it into the fabric you need. Her team has experience producing both fashion and sports styles.

Please note:

1. We only do FOB orders. Not CMT.
2. Our minimum order quantity is 2,000 pieces per style.
3. Our payment terms include a downpayment.

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Video About Apparel Textile Company in Vietnam

Thai Son apparel textile company in Vietnam has more than 200 workers and we manage their time cards by using electronic finger print machines. The machines are located at our front gate security office.

This video shows our security office. All the workers check in everyday with the finger print system. Security teams check all the accessories that go in and out the factory including the waste. In addition, the security guards regulate all third party good that enter and leave our factory.

We have security 24/7. We apply all security work in accordance with regulations that are socially responsible and follow the local law. We have to in order to be a reliable apparel textile company in Vietnam.

Latest News: How does Vietnam get the biggest benefit from TPP?

Vietnam’s membership in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will yield economic benefits, especially to the country’s manufacturing sector. Vietnam’s textile and apparel manufacturers in Vietnam will enjoy expanded access to the US and Japan markets through reduced tariff duties as a result of TPP once it has been enacted, accelerating foreign direct investment into the country.

However, as highlighted in a white paper by Solidiance, an Asia-focused management consulting firm, strategic development of supporting industries (raw materials & machinery) and accompanying infrastructure (port, construction & logistic) will be needed to fully absorb TPP’s benefits for the economy.

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Map to Our Offices

View map to our factory which is 35 minutes outside of Ho Chi Minh city.
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