Australia is one of the world’s leading cotton producers. Growing in over 100 Australian communities, cotton - a natural, soft, absorptive and breathable fibre, is doubtlessly a perfect choice for clothing and undergarments. With the helping hand of advanced biotechnology, irrigation and timing, not only did the industry's efficiency increase but the quality of Australian cotton has also gained its reputation globally. We, Thai Son garment factory in Vietnam, have been importing one of the finest quality cotton worldwide to Vietnam.
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The cotton from Australian suppliers goes through complex processes of manufacturing in our factory, using cutting-edge technology to produce first-rate yarn. By repeatedly crossing one weft yarn over another, Thai Son is able to fabricate the required types of fabric. This process is called "weaving". In the end, the fabric is carefully inspected in order to ameliorate before cut and sew it into garments.
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Properties of Australian Cotton

Thai Son S.P – Vietnamese garment factory, has developed our fabrics using this kind of cotton.
It is well-known as “the best cotton fabric” - versatile, comfortable and sustainable for consumers alongside the Environmental-friendly.
- Absorbent: Cotton can hold water 24-27 times its own weight, making it an easy fabric to dye. Additionally, it can soak up sweat and keep the wearer dry.
- High air permeability: Along with its ability to absorb water, cotton also has excellent airflow levels, allowing the skin to “breath”. This, likewise, helps it dry quickly, retains odours and requires fewer washing.
- Insulation material: Cotton is a poor electrical conductor. Consequently, it can’t get clingy and sticks to other items or the wearer. Additionally, it is also an excellent heat insulator, an ideal choice to keep cool during hot and humid climates.
- Abrasion-resistance: Robust fibre enables cotton to have a long lifespan.
- Softness: Being gifted by Mother Nature with its fluffiness and softness, along with high technology and special processes, this Australian cotton can feel almost weightless on the tip of the finger.
- Hypoallergenic: Being non-allergenic, when coming into contact with your skin, cotton will not cause any harm. This makes it a perfect choice for babies and those with sensitive skin or allergies.
- Environmental friendly: Due to its being biodegradable, the cotton breaks down in both land and water, therefore it won’t be causing any microplastic pollution.
- Low maintenance: Cotton is durable and can undergo high temperatures. The washing machine can do most of the job while we can free ourselves from a trip to the dry cleaner shop.
- Versatile: This fibre can be woven, blended or knitted into various fabrics and can be easily blended with other fibres, giving it a wide range of options.

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