Hi, my name is Sim, I run a cut & sew knitwear factory located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We are a family owned sewing factory in Vietnam that has been manufacturing ladies jersey fashion garments and sportswear for 30+ years.

I’ve been lately received many questions regarding whether my factory is producing or offering fabric or not. I would like to give you a clearly clarification & interested information that might serve your needs.

We strive to be the best sewing factory in Vietnam. To get to know more about us, please kindly contact us by
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Are you in search of fabric from Vietnam sewing factory? Thai Son S.P is one of the most trusted cut & sew knitwear sewing factory in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Since 2008 we started producing our own fabric. We import yarns from India, Korea and China: cotton, viscose, spandex, polyester and modal. Our partners in Saigon city knit and dye our fabrics before they are cut and sewn in our dress factory in Vietnam. This allows us to control price and quality as well as reduce our lead-time. We buy yarn in advance, finance it, inspect it and store it in a warehouse so that when your order comes in we can start knitting immediately. This helps producing the best quality for fabric from Vietnam Sewing Factory.

As of 2019, we produce 50 tons of fabric monthly. Our sewing factory in Vietnam produces fabric locally for our internal needs and in order to offer fabric from Vietnam sewing factory. We do have available stocks of yarn to produce fabric for your demands.
* First Come - First Serve *
Are you looking for fabric that made from Vietnam sewing factory? Since most of our fabric is made to serve our internal demands, the available ones would be served for those who come first. The sooner you are, the better we serve.

1. Lenzing Modal:

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Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd. is a cut & sew knitwear manufacturer in Vietnam, fabric from Vietnam sewing factory especially LENZING also have to be a sustainability product. It is sustainably produced inherently flame-resistant cellulosic fiber based on the renowned Modal fibers production process.

Its silky-smooth feel makes it becomes one of the most luxurious vegan fabrics and it’s generally found in the garments from high-end sustainable clothing brands. What does modal fabric from Vietnam sewing factory feel like? Like a cozy & breathable at its best.

Fabric from Vietnam sewing factory like Lenzing Modal is sustainable cellulosic fiber from start to finish (Not all cellulosic textiles are sustainable but Lenzing Modal). This fabric recovers and reuses 80% of solvents and makes them into non-toxic by-products like common cleaning products.

Lenzing Modal fabric from Vietnam sewing factory is the one that’s uber soft, long-lasting and about 50% more water-absorbent than cotton. When blended, it adds a silky fell to our performance fabric for a dreamy next to skin comfort – sans pesticides and harmful chemicals.

2. Viscose OE (Open-End):

Viscose OE (Open-End) is one of the fabrics that has been developed and marked in our fabric collection from Vietnam sewing factory. Viscose is a semi-synthetic material to use in garments, upholstery. It’s derived from wood pulp, which is treated and spun into yarns to make fabric. The soft, lustrous and lightweight viscose fabric drapes perfectly.

As Vietnam sewing factory, our Viscose OE is derived from cellulose, the main constituent of plant cell walls. It is treated with chemicals to make a fiber mimicking the qualities of natural fibers like silk and cotton. Viscose OE fabric from Vietnam sewing factory often looks like silk and feels like cotton. During the development process, we found out that the peculiarity of Viscose OE is that is less ruffled than other Ring Spun Viscose. Making tie-dyed shirt from Viscose OE would be the best practice since it gives the garment the outstanding look and feel.

3. TR30’s (90% Polyester – 10% Rayon):

We are a family owned cut and sew knitwear factory in Vietnam and fabric from Vietnam sewing factory will surprise you with its features. With TR30’s yarn, once any composition is dyed (usually Polyester), it will create beautiful effects on the fabric. TR30’s can be produced into single jersey or fleece fabric with featured effects which make your garments look fancy and glorious.
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4. 95% Cotton – 5% Polyester:

With this yarn, when you have any composition dyed, it will create beautiful effects on the fabric & make your products look more attractive and fashionable.
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5. 97.5% Polyester – 2.5% Black Mouse:

This type is consider as a styling fabric, it provides a soft feeling combines with special effects from the black yarns which makes fabric that made from this type of yarn look unique & beautifully strange.
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Are you looking for fabric that made from Vietnam sewing factory? Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd. is a cut & sew knitwear manufacturer in Vietnam and our sewing factory offers fabric. Based on the available stock of the yarns that we’re currently having, please kindly contact us for more details. * First Come - First Serve *

Contact us to ask for fabric swatches and pricing.

Cotton Knit Fabric Supplier in Vietnam

Our Strengths
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Factory Details

Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd. is a cotton knit fabric supplier in Vietnam that sews your garments in their factory. We produce fabric and sew it into garments for you. We are highly specialised in producing garments from circular knitted fabric for many kinds of men and women garments. In addition to being a cotton knit fabric supplier in Vietnam we make t-shirts with various kinds of prints, polo-shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, fashionable styles, kids wear, and sportswear. We are proud to be one of the few family-owned garment suppliers who have been surviving and developing beyond just a cotton knit fabric supplier in Vietnam.

Currently, we have two production facilities , in District 9- Ho Chi Minh City in Sung Nhon, Binh Thuan Province.

Our Past and Present Customers
US-Canada: Maxstudio in Los Angeles (own stores and for brands Chelsea & Violet, Marmaxx-TJMaxx & Marshall, Nordstrom, Hautelook, Winners...);
Belldini (for Macy’s, Christopher & Banks, Dillars, Belles, Soft Surroundings, Ross...) Covenant; G-III (Calvin Klein), Kindred Bravely, Gift Craft

Russia: Sportmaster (who licenses Volkl, Merrell, Kappa, Fila, Outventure, Demix..), BaoN, Profmax,

Europe: Warehouse, Oasis, Fever

Australia: Mr. Simple, OCC (Wapol, NSW SES, Mountain Designs)

Factory Certificates
BSCI no. 335395
FAMA Disney

Quality: Our current quality standard is AQL 2.5/4.0. Our garments can meet quality standard of AQL 1.5/2.5.

MOQ: Our regular MOQ is 1,000 pieces per style.
We are flexible on MCQ and MOQ because we understand that MCQ and MOQ have to depend on the requirements of your business as well as the MOQ of yarn and fabric production.
We can make 500-1,000 pieces per style when we have your support to combine fabric together.

Lead time: from 60-110 days depend on order's quantity, design & requirements.

Capacity: equals with 250,000 pcs of t-shirts/month

Contact Us

Email Sim: kiki@lhc.vn

Please include your WhatsApp # in your email.
Often our email goes to Junk mail.
Mailing Address
Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd.
153 Ung Van Khiem
Ward 25, Binh Thanh District
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Zip Code: 700000
Tel. +84 903926973
Attn: Ms. Sim
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