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Description of French Terry Fabric

French Terry is unique because the two sides of the fabric are distinctly different. One side has a looped pile and the other side has a smooth surface. Its properties are light, absorbent, and moisture wicking with a lot of stretch. For the customer, French terry is light like a t-shirt but also has the protective feeling like a sweater fabric.

French terry is popular in sporty or casual clothing, such as in a jogging suit or hoodie. Another common use of French terry is in infant and toddler clothing. Footed and non-footed one-piece pyjamas are often made with French Terry.

Many French terry fabric suppliers in Vietnam use Alibaba to promote their businesses. One of the most famous French terry fabric suppliers in Vietnam is Phong Phu Trading and Investment Promotion Corporation. Their price is high for small quantity.

Available Weights

180 gsm to 350 gsm.

Yarn Options


Additional Information

Fabric Options

No brush, inside brush, solid, all over print, yarn-dye stripes, melange yarn, heather, fancy, NEPs
Jacket Made with French Terry Fabric

Jacket made with French Terry Fabric

French Terry Swatches

French Terry Fabric 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
French Terry 65% PE 35% CO
French Terry Stripes 100% CO
French Terry 54% PE 40% CO 6% SPA
French Terry 65% PE 35% CO
French Terry 62% Rayon 33% Poly 5% Spandex
French Terry TR30-2-CM40S-OE10
French Terry 65% PE 35% CO
French Terry Fabric 65% PE 35% CO
French Terry Stripes 100% CO
French Terry Inside Brushed
French Terry 62% PE 33% CO 5% SPA
French Terry 70% CO 27% PE 3% SPA
French Terry CVC Slub Cotton TC
French Terry 3 Thread Terry

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French Terry is a member of the terrycloth family of fabrics. Terrycloth fabric features loops of fibers that are quite absorbent. Terrycloth fabric can be woven or knitted, resulting in two very different types of fabric.

The towel you dry off with after a shower or a dip in the pool is most likely a woven terrycloth fabric. It doesn’t stretch and the fiber loops are visible on both sides of the fabric. It’s absorbent, soft and cozy to the touch.

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