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Description of Waffle Fabric

Waffle fabric is a weft knit as opposed to a warp knit. It has a raised geometric texture that looks like honeycomb. Waffle fabric and Honeycomb fabric are the same. Its properties are high stretch-ability and low elastic recovery. It has great warmth retention and it highly absorbent. It is commonly used for pajamas and undergarments like Henley’s. We are a Waffle fabric supplier in Vietnam.

Global Dyeing Company Limited - Vietnam is a waffle fabric supplier for many sewing factories in Ho Chi Minh city. Check out their website and see their product categories.

Available Weights:

220 gsm to 300 gsm

Yarn Options:


Additional Options:

Solid, all over print, yarn-dye stripes, melange yarn, heather, space dye
Blouse with Waffle Fabric

Waffle Swatches

Waffle 95% CO 5% SPA
Waffle Cotton Polyester Spandex

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Pique is often confused with Waffle knit. They are different. Pique is tighter whereas Waffle is looser. Waffle breathes better and offers more thermal retention. The knitted versions of pique are very commonly used for polo shirts. Whereas Waffle is used for undergarments and pyjamas. Our waffle fabrics are combed cotton fabrics with a raised knitted design featuring a wonderful textured square waffle pattern. The waffle fabrics are available in a wide selection of colours. If you have a Pantone colour then we can produce it.

You can find waffle fabric supplier from Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan on Globalsources website.
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