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Are you looking for a factory that can make heat seal pocket from Vietnam? Thai Son S.P is a sewing factory that you can trust to produce heat seal pocket on your garments. Our team of merchandisers and technicians would like to produce a collection for you, using the best of them to deliver you the high standard quality.

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What is Heat Seal Pocket?

We are a sewing factory in Vietnam that can make heat seal pocket. Did you know what heat seal pocket is?

Started few years ago, when our long-term business client send us their documents about a new sportswear development which must be included a seamless pocket. Our technicians had to work so hard to search for the information and improved their workmanship to produce the best garments quality as same as what our client required base on their technical information and documents.

At that time, the word “heat seal pocket” are so un-familiar with us, we’ve been struggling to find out how to work it out as good as we could but the result did not come as we was expected. Back in those days, we did many research to source the really good quality tape, however, the social media that time was not quite popular like nowadays. We had to handy sticky iron the pocket on the hand of the garment to have it shaped; then, we put it into the compressor machine. As a Vietnam sewing factory that now familiar with the heat seal pocket, at that time, we’ve been continuously improve our knowledge and skills and by now, during actual production, we found a trusted supplier for good tape, at the same time, the tailors and technical teams are very knowledgeable now, so they pressed it directly, no need to press it with a hand iron anymore. Now, we are a sewing factory in Vietnam that can do heat seal pocket professionally.
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What is special about Heat Seal Pocket?

Do you find it interested to have a heat seal pocket product on your collection? If yes, you will need a trusted factory in Vietnam that can make heat seal pocket and we are proud to be a sewing factory in Vietnam that can make heat seal pocket.

With the pocket directly pressed with heat, sportswear with heat seal pocket will be pocket seamless; therefore, the pocket will be flat & not be clumped.

Furthermore, the heat seal pocket also makes the garments look become more trendy, elegant, eye-catching and high-class.

Thai Son S.P is a sewing factory in Vietnam that can do heat seal pocket and we would like to share with you the experience that we had while pressing the pocket with the heat compressor machine.

First, the zipper has to be sewn into a separate pocket carefully. Then, the pocket with sewn zipper will be put through the heat compressor machine to stick them with the garment with a very special, high quality tape & glue. Those tape and glue later will provide the pocket high durable, washable, and, of course, the heat seal pocket cannot be peeled.

Heat Seal Pocket - MOQ?

If you would like to have a sportswear line in your collection with heat seal pocket, and ready to connect with Vietnam sewing factory that can applied heat seal pocket. Don’t hesitate to connect us. We are a Vietnam sewing factory located in Ho chi Minh city and we know how to make heat seal pocket.

We’re awaiting for your orders with heat seal pocket garment for below details:
Our MOQ is 1,000 pieces / color or 3,000 pieces / order
If you would like your product produced by Merino Wool, the MOQ is 500 pieces / color
or 3,000 pieces / order
Since your time is priceless, our lead time for heat seal pocket order would as fast as other developments, it would be from 60-110 days.

Find yourself interested in Heat Seal Pocket! Please don’t hesitate to
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