Are you looking for an in-house washing factory in Vietnam? Thai Son S.P is a reliable sewing factory in Vietnam that can help you produce trendy clothing with wash effects. What exactly is clothing wash? As an in-house washing factory in Vietnam we’ve learned that the fabric is normally rough - bad handful - due to its glueing during the spinning process. Washing melts the glue and makes the fabric softer which make the customers feel more comfortable when putting on garments with our washed fabric. The fabric need to be washed before turning into garments.

As an in-house washing factory in Vietnam, we offer multiple types of washing which may satisfy your requirements depending on your target FOB price. We offer stone wash, pigment wash, burn-out wash, mineral wash, acid wash, bio wash, ice wash, sand wash, enzyme wash, silicon wash and bleach wash.
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Fabric Wash Options in Vietnam

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Each type of garment has its own unique specification therefore, if you would like to have your products custom made then work with us. At best you should find an in-house washing factory in Vietnam to get advices like Thai Son. S.P. We are a trusted in-house washing factory in Vietnam that you can speak English with. Washing the fabric has many benefits but there are disadvantages. Finding the best in-house washing factory in Vietnam is not easy. You found us though and we would like to work with you. Choosing your supplier is considered as the most important thing if you would like to have your products produced well in Vietnam.
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Our Strengths
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Benefits of Washing Fabric

Our semi-vertical sewing factory has 30 years experience in this industry. We strive to be the best in-house washing factory in Vietnam. We realise that washing is not only making the garments become softer and more comfortable but also making the garments to have stable shrinkages which mean it will help stabilising the measurements for all sizes.
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Disadvantage of Fabric Washing

Washing fabric may cause color fading, yarn scratching or fabric tearing depending on the fabric material. Sometimes the needle holes will loosen up or burst after washing. The high water pressure and the vigorous spinning of clothes in the washing machine will sometimes cause a small percentage of products to be torn. There will be smudging or color fins from dark to light colors caused by poor quality of embroidery, prints, fabric dyes, embroidery, or sewing threads.
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