Organic Cotton – Stone Wash Sewing Factory in Vietnam

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If we are to see any major changes towards a Sustainable Future, our cultural attitudes surrounding the fashion that we consume and dispose of needs to change. Today, there is a growing awareness about the lifestyle factors that are linked to pollution and climate change. These include the consumption of animal products and the usage of plastics. However, there remains another factor that needs attention that is vital in ensuring a truly sustainable future: the fashion industry and our ferocious appetite for constant clothing consumption. The environmental costs of clothing production are immense. Devastating amounts of water is needed to grow cotton; the pesticides used to speed up the rate of growth are harmful to the land and to human health and factories belch out toxic chemicals from clothing dyes. The global activism movement focusing on Sustainable fashion / Sustainable Clothing / Sustainable Garment, Fashion Revolution, has reported that the fashion industry is responsible for 20 per cent of global water pollution. This makes rivers, lakes and seas in countries of production extremely harmful to the surrounding inhabitants and ecosystems… etc.

That’s when the sustainable garment raises. Organic Cotton is made in agricultural production, organic fertilizer, biological control of pests and diseases, natural farming management, no use of fertilizers and pesticides, from seeds to agricultural products all natural pollution – free production. Organic Cotton – Recycled Cotton – Botanic Dye, they’re all considered as the Important Sustainable factors in this Sustainable Garment future process.

Did you know that Vietnam garment industry is turning itself into a sustainable garment manufacturing industry?
Are you in search of Sustainable Vietnam sewing factory?
Have you ever heard about Organic Cotton – Stone Wash garment produced from Vietnam sewing factory?

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Sewing Factory in Vietnam – GO GREEN GO FASHION

When we say that we are a sustainable garments factory in Vietnam it means that we strive to avoid manufacturing processes that deplete natural resources so that we can maintain an ecological balance. Wasting resources cannot be avoided altogether in any manufacturing process. Our sustainable garments factory in Vietnam makes a sincere effort to minimize the waste and preserve an ecological balance.

Thai Son S.P is a sustainable manufacturer in Vietnam, we produce the garment from Organic Cotton which is eco-friendly than stone washed the finished garments to create them a dusty active look. There’s nothing better to have such fashionable and ecological product lines in your collections and marked your brands as a sustainable brand which all the Fashion Giants are heading right now.
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Thai Son S.P is a Sustainable Sewing Factory in Vietnam, we are a factory that has products made from organic cotton and our vision is to achieve the sustainability as well as the trendy look on garments, that when we found out and created organic cotton & stone wash garments. Since 2019, we started buying Mélange and Organic Cotton Yarn from India to produce fabric serving for the company’s internal need for knitted fabric. Since Bros Vietnam introduced us their sustainable catalogue, it has completely changed our mind and since then we’ve been continuously studied and now marked our production with Organic Cotton – Stone Wash garments. As a sustainable sewing factory in Vietnam, we do care about the word “Eco-friendly”, therefore, we not only focuses to combine the “Eco” and “Natural” together, but also create the softness and trendy look for the products. In order to make the garments eco-friendly, softer and have dusty active look, we’ve researched and developed a stable way to produce them. We first cut and sew the organic cotton into a finished garment then have they stone washed that our produced garments are not only Eco-friendly and have natural value but also feel soft on skin and look trendy.

Organic Cotton – Stone Wash Garments

As a sustainable sewing factory in Vietnam, we always want to deliver the best to our clients, with organic cotton – stone wash garments its features is unique and it color fastness is not a problem should worry about, this product line have good color, they have evenly colored in the whole garment and hard to fastness.
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Organic Cotton – Stone Wash Garments
Sustainable Vietnam Sewing Factory

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