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Hi, my name is Sim and I am in charge at Thai Son S.P garment factory based in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. We produce many kinds of collection and provide services to our clients.

Are you looking for 3D Virtual Fitting Service from Vietnam Sewing Factory? Global outsourcing is a common practice in the apparel industry nowadays. However, it has limitations in production and long-distance communication, Thai Son is a Vietnam Sewing Factory and we produce the products rely on a tech pack, a series of documents which include all of the garment specifications such as samples, photos, flats, patterns, sizes, and measurements. We’ve been trying & putting our effort to comply with the production process listed in a tech pack but the fact shown us its difficulties in obtaining accurate measurements in the clothing fit process and to have the final sample approval, it would waste too much time since we have to transport back and forth the samples with our clients. At the beginning of the 3
rd quarter of 2021, we discovered a 3D Virtual Fitting program called CLO 3D, we’ve tried so hard to get use to it and now I am proud to say that we can provide the 3D virtual fitting service to all of our clients, this technology is emerging as a new solution for garment fitting.

For more details, please contact us by clicking this link.
Are you looking for 3D Virtual Fitting Service from Vietnam Sewing Factory? Garment fitting is a process evaluating garments on a body to check fit, comfort, and appearance quality; through our experiences and study 3D Virtual Fitting Service from Vietnam Sewing Factory, we found out that typically 94% garments go through at least two or three times of fitting process. Fitting is repeated until the desired look is achieved.
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Thai Son S.P is a Vietnam Sewing factory, the purpose that we would like to provide 3D Virtual Fitting Service is because we understand that fitting without visualizing a sample garment is nearly impossible for both client and manufacturer to decide for the entire production. 3D virtual fitting technology has been introduced to the industry for Virtualization. According to CLO company’s report of the 3D (CLO, 2019), virtual fitting technology reduce the lead time of garment sample assessment on average from 37 days to 27 h, eliminating redundant sample garment review processes.
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1. Develop your clothing collection efficiently & professionally.

2. Save time and cost on fitting process and finding the right proportion for each size.

3. Help viewing fitting sample on 3D model, styles of your collections, you can fit & change to finalize your perfect fitting. Errors in fit and drape can be prevented and corrected digitally via 3D virtual fit.

4. With the 3D fit method, we can help you improve the overall fit and create perfect signature sizing (numeric or alpha) for your brand.

5. Greater control in achieving the desired fit before the 2D pattern is cut and made into a physical sample.

6. Ensure correct clothing patterns, fit and sizing, tech packs, grading, efficient clothing production planning, and execution.

7. We can help you with last-minute production pattern corrections, and tech pack specifications change.
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Are you looking for 3D Virtual Fitting Service from Vietnam Sewing Factory? Do not hesitate to contact us now since this 3D Virtual Fitting Service will be free until the end of 20th Jan 2022. As a Vietnam Sewing factory that provides 3D Virtual Fitting Service we want to deliver to you the opportunity to interact with this magnificent technology. Contact us
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