Hi, my name is Sim and I am in charge at Thai Son S.P garment factory based in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. We produce many kinds of collection to our clients. Botanical dyeing products in Vietnam is one of the best we created in 2021 and our clients are happy with the hand-feel and colorfastness. We are happy to support sustainable textile manufacturing and welcome your requests. Read more about Botanical dyeing products in Vietnam below.

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Botanical dyeing products in Vietnam is our latest garment development that we added to our menu. We started producing our own textiles in 2008. We buy yarn and then work with local knitting and dyeing houses near Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. We specialize in jersey knit fabrics ranging from single jersey to complicated jacquard knitting structures. We can dye solid Pantone colors or do engineered yarn dyed stripes. Our fabric team is standing by to produce botanic dyed organic cotton fabric in Vietnam and sew the panels into garments for you.

Botanical Dyeing Products from Vietnam Sewing Factory

Are you looking for the Botanical Dyeing products that made from Vietnam Sewing Factory?

There is something magnificently satisfying about Botanical Dyeing products, which makes it seem like an antidote to the fast pace of today’s modern life and guides us to achieve our sustainability goals. “Grass and Wood dyeing” is also known as another name of Botanic Dyeing. This is a gentle process that I personally think that we’re now encouraging ourselves to let go of using the chemicals that may poison the environment and let the nature do its thing by implementing those natural dyestuffs on the fabric. These natural materials of Botanical Dyeing process are being extracted from flowers, plants, shells, fruits, leaves, etc. They’re safe dyestuffs, friendly with human skin, soft, natural coloring and, of course, they’re eco-friendly.
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Thai Son S.P is a Vietnam Sewing Factory and our vision is to achieve the sustainability standard as well. We started buying Mélange and Organic Cotton Yarn from India to produce fabric serving for the company’s internal need for knitted fabric and thanks to Bros Vietnam, at the end of 2019; we’ve been introduced Bros’ new catalogue regarding Botanical Dyeing Yarns. Since then, we’ve been continuously studied and now marked our production with botanical dyeing products. We also make tie-dyed products by Botanic Dyeing Method.

As a Vietnam Sewing Factory, we do care about the word “Eco-friendly”, therefore, we focuses to combine the “Eco” and “Natural” together, the Botanical Dyeing heather also applicable in Organic Cotton Fabric. In order to make the Botanical Dyeing Products, we’ve researched and developed a stable dyeing method to make the botanic dyestuff been absorbed in the fiber evenly, so the colors are the same as our normal heather, but have the Eco and Natural value.
Botanical dyeing stuffs are with the natural color tone, natural fragrance; this unique character is favored by the consumer all over the world. Most Botanic dyestuffs have medicinal effect, such as anti-bacterium, reducing inflammation, improving the blood flow which makes the life safer and healthier.
Go Green with botanic dyeing techniques also has its price. These points below brought to you via our experiences.
- Mild washing conditions should be adopted when washing since the color fastness of botanical dyeing is relatively poor, some of them will be color changing when exposed to high temperature, acid, alkali, oxidant, reducing agent, bleaching agent, metal ions, etc.,
- It is recommended to hand-wash the botanical dyeing products gently in cold water, non-chlorine bleach detergent.
- Dry on the reverse side and avoid harsh sun exposure.
- With botanical dyeing products, you should wash them separately from other darker colors to avoid color staining.

1. Environment Friendly
2. Low minimum per color

1. Limit choices of color, you’ll have to follow the color book.
2. Color is natural, therefore, it cannot be bright or saturate as chemical dyed one.
3. There might be slightly different color shades between different garments.
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