Hi, my name is Sim, I run a cut & sew knitwear factory located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We are a family owned sewing factory in Vietnam that has been manufacturing ladies jersey fashion garments and sportswear for 30+ years.

We strive to be the best sewing factory in Vietnam. Are you in search of pattern maker in Vietnam or tech pack service in Vietnam? Thai Son S.P is a trusted Vietnam sewing manufacturer that can offer you a reasonable and professional pattern maker and tech pack service.

Thai Son has two sample lines and before we sew any garment our pattern makers has to create the pattern using Gerber Accumark 10.2 following your tech packs.
We’re now offering a pattern maker and tech pack service in combination with 3D fitting. Our standard operation procedure is now improved professionally.
You also have the choice of sending your own patterns from your pattern makers in paper pattern form or in digital pattern form to us. We can digitize your paper patterns or use your digital patterns.
We are equipped with 9 stations of Gerber Accumark for creating patterns, 3 for creating consumption-for-costing or for bulk-cutting markers, 1 of Accunet and 1 of Accuplan.

To get to know more about us, please kindly contact us by
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Since 2003, when we first marked our first full-package order, we’ve been tried and been passionately involved in the apparel industry. We can help you with every step of the process in creating patterns, tech pack and offering you a 3D fitting solution or even produce a whole collection for you from A to Z. As a pattern maker, a sewing factory that has been survived in apparel industry for more than 30 years, ưe have worked with brands from all over the country in US-Canada, EU, Russia, etc... Some of these brands are well established and have been around for years. Others are just starting out. We work with brands that wholesale, sell direct to retail, and just about everything in between. For single styles we ask for 100% down. For multiple styles we ask for 50% down, and 50% upon completion.

2020-2021 have been the toughest years for all of enterprises around the globe, as a pattern maker in Vietnam, we do understand the obstacle and the demand in find pattern maker in Vietnam, therefore, until the end of
25th January 2022, our service in Pattern Maker will be free as a big appreciation that we would like to give.


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Tech Pack Service in Vietnam

Our tech pack service in Vietnam will be free until the end of 25th January 2022; Thai Son S.P is a tech pack service provider in Vietnam.

What Constitutes an Clothing Tech Pack

  • Flat Sketch ( Front View - Back View )
  • Color Combo of the Garments
  • Stitching & Construction Detailing ( Both Front and Back )
  • Graphic / Print Detailing Including Pantone Color ( Style Dependent)
  • Embroidery / Appliqué / Other Embellishment Detailing
  • Washing Detailing ( Wash Care and Other Washing - Ironing and Care Instructions)
  • Trims & Packaging Detailing( As per Client Requirement)
  • Branding Details
  • Graphical Measurement Details with Spec-Sheet Pointers
  • Measurement Spec Sheet and Size Gradation ( Size Gradation as per Client Requirement)
  • Tech Pack Design Process

  • You may send Sketches / Inspiration picture of your styles to create technical apparel design (Tech Pack and Spec Sheet).
  • We would first go ahead with Styling and Submit the Flat Sketch to you for approval and receive comments and inputs.
  • We provide all Technical Apparel Design files and Spec Sheet in Excel Sheet.
  • Once we receive the Comments and Inputs we would proceed with Modification and Give the Final Flats for Approval.
  • Once the Flat Sketch are Approved and color ways for the styles are finalized we would proceed with the Technical Design of the Garments.
  • We would require the Logo, Trims Design and Branding Detailing from you if you have created.
  • Once the Flat Sketches are approved and we proceed with the Tech Pack Detailing We would not Accept Any Changes in between as we have to change the whole detailing all over again.
  • Thai Son S.P is a tech pack service provider in Vietnam, for any production related enquiry, please kindly gets in touch with us via [email protected]

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    Contact Us

    Email Sim: [email protected]

    Please include your WhatsApp # in your email.
    Often our email goes to Junk mail.
    Mailing Address
    Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd.
    153 Ung Van Khiem
    Ward 25, Binh Thanh District
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Zip Code: 700000
    Tel. +84 903926973
    Attn: Ms. Sim
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