Factory Photos

Below are photos of our factory

Thank you for your interest in our factory. We have an open door policy. You are welcome to visit us to see for yourself. Below are pictures to give you a preview.

Before you come please email us and confirm what you are looking for. If we can not do what you need done then no need to visit us and perhaps I can point you in the right direction. Remember that we can make any men, women or children style garment using cut and sew fabric (jersey-like fabric). Our MOQ is 2,000 pieces per style. Our lead time is 60 days. We don’t make woven garments and we don’t sell stock. Please contact me, Chris Walker, marketing manager to get started. I hope the Photos of Vietnam garment factory in Ho Chi Minh city give you a good impression of our factory.

The photo to your right (or below if you are on mobile) is our merchandising team. They work directly with your design team to make samples, follow production and ensure on time delivery.

Here is another website that shows photos of Vietnam garment factory in Ho Chi Minh city.
in ho chi minh city

Front Gates of our two loactions: Thai Son S.P and Long Ha Chin

Thai Son S.P Limited Company
This is the front entrance to our main offices in town. When you come to visit our merchandising team please look for these tall blue doors. The numbers on the street are not dependable. Your taxi driver will get lost if you try to find 153/11H Ung Van Kheim - look for the blue doors. Photos of Vietnam garment factory in Ho Chi Minh city.
Front Gate of Long Ha Chin Factory
This is the front entrance to our main production facility in district 9 which is 40 minutes from the Sheraton Hotel in district 1. We have fifteen sewing lines and 2 samples lines at this location. Your third party inspection team will come here to do the final inspection.

Administrative Offices

Administrative Office in Sewing Factory
This is our front office at our production facility. You will meet with Sean or Nhu for a factory tour or inspection. They manage all the supplies that come in and out of the factory as well as the staff.
Thai Son S.P FOB Office
This is our merchandising team. Specifically, here you can see the pattern and marker team using Gerber Accumark to get the best consumption possible. Do you believe these Photos of Vietnam garment factory in Ho Chi Minh city are real? If no, come visit us to see in person.

Fabric Warehouse

Fabric Warehouse in HCMC
This is our fabric warehouse where we relax the fabric before it goes for inspection. We produce circular knitted cotton blended fabrics with weights from 110 gsm to 420 gsm. Single jersey, pique, interlock, rib, french terry or ponte roma.
Four Point Checking Fabric System
We inspect the fabric before it goes to the cutting tables. If it fails the initial inspection of 20% then we inspect 100% before cutting. The staff mark defects with tape to prevent the pieces from being used during sewing.

Contact us to speak to the boss. She speaks English fluently.

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Cutting Tables

Cutting Fabric in Long Ha Chin
After fabric inspection we layout the fabric on the table to be cut. The number of layers can get up to 100 depending on the fabric type. These photos of Vietnam garment factory in Ho Chi Minh city were taken in December of 2015.
Cutting Fabric By Machine
With markers placed on top of up to 100 layers of fabric the workers cut using specialised fabric cutters using metal safety gloves. They cut along the lines printed by the Gerber Accumark pattern/marker software.

Sewing Lines

Sewing Lines in Binh Thanh
We have 15 sewing lines and 2 samples lines.
Photos of Vietnam Garment Factory in Ho Chi Minh City.
Working in Sewing Factory
Most of our sewing staff are women but we do have some men. Most men prefer to work in the ironing department.

Quality Control Area

QC Section in Sewing Factory
The QC area checks the work of the lines and make sure the garments are in-spec before they move to the ironing and packing area. I took these Photos of Vietnam garment factory in Ho Chi Minh city.
The Final QC Leader
Each line has a QC in line who check the garments before they go to the QC area. If the QC area finds any mistakes then the line is penalised.

Ironing and Folding

Ironing Garments
Ironing is one of the last steps and is important for presentation of your products at the point of sale. We iron, fold and put into poly bags in addition to attaching hang tags and desiccant bags to absorb moisture during shipment.
Folding Section in Sewing Factory
Our folding staff are the last to touch the garments before they are put into boxes.

Packing and Metal Detecting

Packing and Calculating Garment Weight
When packing and labelling boxes we calculate the volumetric weight of a package.
Metals Detecting Machine
Our folding staff are the last to touch the garments before they are put into boxes. Check out Shutterstock to see more photos of garment factory in Vietnam.