Hi, my name is Sim and I own and manage a tie dye garment factory in Vietnam. Does your brand feature tie dye designs? This year we have developed innovative ways to offer tie dye solutions using traditional methods and digital printing. Today I'd like to introduce you to our tie dye garments designs. We would like to inspire your design team to explore variations of tie dyeing fashion. Our technical team has experience with resist dyeing techniques. We can help you
Are you looking for a tie dye factory in Vietnam that can offer quality fabrics? We are a garment manufacturer in Ho Chi minh city that has experience making cut and sew knit apparel from basics to complicated styles. Send us your illustrations or tech packs and we will give you technical feedback. If we can produce your tie dye designs with a competitive price then we would like to be your #1 tie dye garment factory in Vietnam.
Tie Dye Fashion Garment Factory

Tie Dye Fashion Tops

Embellished Tie Dye
Purple and Yellow Tie Dye Dress
tie dye fade design

Actual Tie Dye Facemasks

Face Coverings
Tie Dye Face Mits
traditional tie dye face masks

Printed Tie Dye Facemasks

dye sub face masks made in asia
Digital printed face coverings
sublimation face coverings

Vietnam Knows Tie Dye Techniques

Vietnam apparel manufacturers have figured out the techniques to tie dyeing garments. We are a tie dye garment factory in Vietnam and we are capable of doing it well. The process is labor intensive and requires technical know-how; these are our strengths.

Our tie dye garment factory in Vietnam does it well. We can achieve colorful patterns that are psychedelic and unique. The styles we can make look just like the iconic designs associated with the hippy movement in the USA in the 1960s.

If you are looking for a tie dye garment factory in Vietnam then contact us.
tie dye garment made in vietnam
Our Strengths
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Tie Dye Garments Made in Vietnam

The term comes from "tied-and-dyed" and it is a form of resist dyeing. First you fold, twist, pleat or crumple a garment. Second you tie either string or rubber bands around the fabric. Thirdly you apply the dyes. The technique is called resist dyeing because you physically do things to the fabric to resist ink penetration. The rubber bands resist the penetration of the inks. Physical impediments like clamps, stencils, thick stitching and blocks resist the ink. Batik is another form of resist dyeing; wax is used to resist the penetration of ink. Tie dyeing is a creative art and Vietnam is very good at it.
tie dye apparel made in vietnam

Fabrics We Can Tie Dye On

Our tie dye garment factory in Vietnam uses the following fabrics.

Viscose (also known as Rayon, Bamboo, Tencel and Modal)
Viscose Spandex (Any percentage of spandex will work)
Cotton Spandex
CVC (60% Cotton / 40% Polyester)
CVC Spandex
TC (60% Polyester / 40% Cotton)
TC Spandex
tie dye textile made in vietnam

Tie-Dye Dye Stuff Available in Vietnam

There are four different types of dyes used in Vietnam. Household dyes like RIT are common but not used commercially. Household dyes like RIT are made with a variety of dye-stuffs so they can work on many kinds of fabric. The problem is that they bleed. Factories in Vietnam producing tie dye for export don’t use household dies. Fiber Reactive dyes work well on cellulose fibers such as cotton, hemp, rayon, and linen. These dyes react with fibers at alkaline conditions (high pH) and form a wash-fast, permanent bond. Soda ash (sodium carbonate) is used to raise the pH and initiate the reaction. The soda ash is added in a solution of water in which garments are soaked in before dyeing. Acid dyes work well on protein-based fibers such as silk, wool, feathers, nylon and polyester. Vat dyes, including indigo, are a third class of dyes that are effective on cellulosic fibers and silk. Our tie dye garment factory in Vietnam will use the best dye depending on the fabric type you choose.
tie dye clothing made in vietnam

Tie Dye Patterns Vietnam Can Do

Tie-dye can be used to create a wide variety of designs on fabric, from squares, spiral, peace sign, diamonds or the marble effect. Check out this amazing website to see illustrations of the following sixteen designs/techniques.

Crumple Tie Dye Technique
Shibori Tie Dye Technique
Sunburst Tie Dye Technique
Stripes Tie Dye Technique
Spiral Tie Dye Technique
One Color Spiral Tie Dye Technique
Bullseye Tie Dye Technique
Folded Tie Dye Technique
Diamond Pattern Folded Tie Tye Technique
Accordion Folded Stripe Pattern Tie Dye Technique
Folded Accordion Stripe Pattern Tie Dye Technique
Box Pattern Tie Dye Technique
Banded Box Pattern Tie Dye Technique
Simple Folded Pattern Tie Dye Technique
Accordion Folded Box Pattern Tie Dye Technique
Two Step Accordion Fold Tie Dye Technique
tie dye patterns available in vietnam

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