Hi, my name is Chris and my passion is listening to fashion start ups and helping them think through their business plan with an emphasis on producing in Vietnam. I am a Vietnam sewing factory expert.

What is your situation? Are you a start-up or established brand? Are you seeking a factory for the first time or moving production from say, China to Vietnam? Are you having issues with your supplier in Vietnam and need help resolving the issue? Or are you simply interested to learn how overseas apparel production works? In any case I can help you.
Vietnam Sewing Factory Expert

Can you see how producing in Vietnam will lower your apparel production costs?

Do you want to reduce your garment cost?

When is a good time to start producing in Vietnam?

I offer the following services:

eBooks and Audio Books for $9.99
Consulting for $50/hour
Factory Introductions for $100/factory
Factory Tours for $500/day
Product Design and Development for $1,000/Month/Style

The most common question I get from my clients is: Chris, can you introduce me to a factory that can handle small orders?' In short yes. Small order quantity in Vietnam is anything less than 1,000 pieces. My advice is to prepare your tech packs in advance, list our your quantity breakdown list and create a quality control checklist. I will review what you send me and recommend an action plan. My unique selling point as a Vietnam sewing factory expert is that I don't work as an agent. I introduce you directly to all my best factories.

Books I have Written for First Timers

If you would like more in-depth knowledge about production steps, sourcing fabrics or quality control I recommend my ebooks which are also available on Amazon and Audible. Get insider tips and tricks from a Vietnam sewing factory expert.
Apparel Production in Vietnam Basics
46 Sources of Eco Fabrics
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Are you asking how to get clothing manufactured overseas? Is Vietnam your first choice? I can introduce you to factories, prepare you to work with them and oversee your production. Schedule an appointment with a Vietnam sewing factory expert today.

I am assuming that you have done your market research, created your brand universe and have the right budget. Is your target audience is ready to buy what you design and produce in Vietnam?

If yes, then let's talk about production. First step is to get tech packs made, then decide which quality control strategy you will use and make sure you can meet the factories minimum order quantity.Enlist my help and get to the front of the line thanks to a Vietnam sewing factory expert.

Would you like to chat about apparel manufacturing in Vietnam?

Everyday I make time to speak with fashion start-ups that need answers about producing overseas. Send me an email with your questions and I will either answer by email or suggestion a time to connect on Skype or WhatsApp.

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