Thai Son S.P Co. Ltd., is a sewing factory that specializes in cut & sew knitwear, we have a lot of Flatlock (4 needle-6 thread) machine and our strength is to produce sportswear.

We can also be called a sportswear garment factory in Vietnam. We are a family owned and family run business based in the south of Vietnam. We have two sewing factories with a total of 1000 staffs; with professional merchandiser team that can carry out the best for your orders.

The owner of the company is the one who loves to scuba diving and she would like to create a new development called “Wetsuits & Rashguards“. Are you in search of Wetsuits & Rashguards sewing factory in Vietnam?

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1st Sample for Con Dao National Park

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Hi, my name is Sim and I own and manage a sewing factory in Vietnam. Are you interested in working with a Wetsuits & Rashguards sewing factory in Vietnam? I try my best every day to think of innovative ways to offer our customers something new. To whom that loves to scuba diving or if your target customers love to go diving, Thai Son team with experiences staffs can offer you the nicest wetsuits and rashguards from Vietnam sewing factory.

The above pictures are the staffs of Con Dao Nation Park wearing wetsuits that I made for them, and I believe that they’re now still using it for their daily activities immersing with the sea. Wearing wetsuits and rashguards help your scuba diving experience become more interesting since it will keep you warm, the more you dive deeper in the sea, the colder the temperature are. Most dive sites in Con Dao are shallow, maximum is about 15 meters. There’re some sites where we can go deeper for about 25 meters and above. Therefore, you will need to have wetsuits & rashguards made in Vietnam sewing factory to secure your diving experience.

Wetsuits & Rashguards for CDDC (Con Dao Dive Center)

Thai Son S.P Co. Ltd., is a sewing factory that specializes in cut & sew knitwear, we have more than 50 Flatlock (4 needle-6 thread) machines in order to make our client’s sportswear orders. Wetsuit & Rashguard are considered as sportswear; therefore, we have advantages in knowledge & experience to become the best Wetsuit & Rashguard sewing factory in Vietnam.
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Con Dao Dive Center is one of the best dive site located in Con Dao, we produce both wetsuits and rashguards (Short Sleeves T-Shirt, Polo & Long Sleeve for Ladies) for them and put their logo on the products.

The “PADI” logo does not belong to CDDC, it aims to show that those who would like to dive at CDDC will have to have an open water diver certification from PADI. Please kindly see more pictures at CDDC’s dive sites to show more about the Wetsuits & Rashguards made from Vietnam Sewing Factory.
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I tested on Blind stitch machine specialized for wetsuits. The stitch’s width depends on the thickness of fabrics (the weight of Neoprene and the fabrics glued outside). The thicker the fabric is, the wider the stitch is. The bond between Neoprene pieces depends mainly on the glue and how the Neoprene is cut. The wider the touch area between pieces is, the more secure for the glue to bond and the stitch to go through. If the cut and the glue are good, along with the Neoprene thickness, then the stitch will add more security to the bond.
If you are a dive shop & would like to have your logo customized on your wetsuit or rash guard or you would like to have a collection of wetsuit & rashguard from Vietnam sewing factory. Please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking this link.
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