Interlock fabric in Vietnam is one thing Thai Son can do for you. We produce fabric, sew garments and ship to the nearest port of your choice. Thai Son is a semi vertical factory. We import cotton, viscose and spandex yarn from India, China, or Korea; we also buy small quantities of yarn in Vietnam. Thai Son knits and dyes in Vietnam with our partner factories. By doing so, we control the price of the yarn as well as the quality of fabric.

Interlock is the second most common type of knit fabric following single jersey. Interlock fabric is a variation of rib knit. It is similar to a jersey knit except both front and back of the Interlock fabric look identical. The double knit construction gives it a thicker hand feel. It is similar to t-shirt fabric (jersey) but double knitted instead of single knitted – in other words, it's the same on both sides. If you look at the fabric of a tee shirt really closely, you'll see a bunch of little V shapes on the front, and many tiny "bumps" on the back. Interlock has the little V shapes on both sides. Compared to Jersey, Interlock is thicker, lays flat where jersey curls on the cut ends and is generally more durable. To learn more about Interlock visit our Interlock fabric page.
What you see in our list on our Cotton Knit Fabric Supplier in Vietnam page is mostly cotton blends: cotton spandex, cotton viscose or cotton poly (CC or CVC). We import the yarn and store it in our warehouse before knitting the yarn into interlock fabric in Vietnam.

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Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd. produces men’s, women’s and children’s garments using circular knitted fabrics. We buy yarn and convert it into the fabric you need. Her team has experience producing both fashion and sports styles.

Please note:

1. We only do FOB orders. Not CMT.
2. Our minimum order quantity is 2,000 pieces per style.
3. Our payment terms include a downpayment.

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Interlock fabric is a variation on rib knit. Instead of creating ridges of knit and purl stitches, interlock has two rows of stitches, one directly behind the other. This can create the impression that the fabric is comprised of two layers, which is why it is sometimes categorized as a double-knit fabric. (The two layers of interlock, however, can’t actually be separated.) Interlock is thicker than jersey, and both sides of the fabric are smooth, like the right side of a jersey fabric.
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